Preparing children for the future.

Preparing children for a future which is changing demands that we focus on teaching children ‘how to learn’ rather than just ‘what to learn’. Skills acquisition is thus very important while content provides context.

It is the relationships at our school that set us apart.

Above all else, mutual respect is encouraged as this builds confidence and trust in our children.

The grounds and buildings create a unique ambiance.

Children have the opportunity to play like children should; whether it be climbing trees or sitting quietly beneath them.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Somerset House is committed to providing pupils with a comprehensive sports programme designed to ensure maximum participation. It is our firm belief that the programme we offer will enhance our children’s physical ability and develop their self-confidence. A full cultural programme including Music, Drama and Art is offered to every pupil as part of the curriculum, allowing many opportunities for personal growth and creative expression.

Oakwood Pre-School

Oakwood is a friendly, happy place where your children can enjoy a beautiful environment and the attention of teachers who regard each child as special. This is where firemen and nurses, fairies and magicians, truck drivers and computer technicians all work and play and learn. Where your child is able to be whatever they wish to be, while they are readied for all that formal school will demand of them.

Friendship, Camaraderie, Memories and Life Lessons

The key life skills of teamwork, communication, decision making, taking responsibility, trust and fun are all developed at Somerset House in our Outdoor Education Programme

More than a School ~ A Way of Life.

As a school community of children, parents and staff, we are very proud of our school and what it stands for. It is first and foremost a place of learning, but there is far more to our school than that. It is also a place where children and adults interact on a daily basis in a happy and beautiful environment where mutual respect is regarded highly and relationships are valued. This more than anything else is the reason for our children being happy at school. It is our wish that each individual child at Somerset House achieves his or her potential. We recognize that children are different and we therefore encourage participation in a wide range of activities so that each child can develop a passion in school, and indeed, for life.