Are there Boarding facilities at Somerset House?

There are no Boarding Facilities at Somerset House.

Is there are Aftercare Service?

We have an Oakwood (Pre-Primary) Aftercare and a Prep School Aftercare. There are 3 Aftercare options available:

– Full Aftercare (until 17h30 with a snack provided)
– Aftercare until 15h30 (no snack)
– Casual Aftercare (used as needed and billed by the hour)

At what age do children start at Somerset House

We accept children into any Grade from Grade 000 to Grade 7, at any point during the year, depending on where we have vacancies.

We start at Grade 000 – this is for children who turn four during that year.

How many children are there at Somerset House?

We have total of 450 children from Grade 000 to Grade 7.

How many classes are there in each Grade?

There are two classes in each Grade from Grade 000 to Grade 7.

Is Somerset House a co-ed school?

Yes – we have boys and girls and strive for a 50/50 ratio.

Do you provide meals for the children?

Somerset House provides a balanced nutritional programme. Children enjoy a mid-morning snack and a healthy home-style lunch. Fruit is also available at all times. There is no tuck-shop and no vending machines.

How many children in each class?

The capacity of each class varies according to the grades. In Grade 000 there are 15 children in a class, in Grade 00 there are 20 in each class, Grade R – between 22 and 24. From Grade 1 to Grade 7 there are 24 children in a class. (Please refer to the admissions policy).

Do children wear a uniform?

The full school uniform is worn by children from Grade 1 to Grade 7.