Leadership Programme

...more than a school, a way of life.


  • To encourage the development of leadership by allowing individuals to take initiatives which will impact on both their own lives, as well as the lives of others.
  • To live out the values of our school by being of service to members of both our school and wider communities, in a generous, open and honest manner.
  • To allow individuals to develop to the point where that which was previously thought impossible, becomes achievable.
  • To develop role-models in our school environment which will encourage younger pupils to learn from and respect senior pupils.


  • The Programme is accessible to pupils of Somerset House School who are in Grade 7.
  • This Programme must be undertaken with the prior knowledge of the Leadership Programme Co-Ordinator of the school.
  • Disciplinary actions involving an individual may result in this award not being made in spite of all the requirements being met. This is because the award is far more than the fulfilling of certain criteria. It reflects an individual who takes seriously the values of Somerset House School and is committed to living by them. It is leading by example.


  1. Service: An offering of community service needs to be undertaken where committed time is given to a particular cause, or number of causes. This must be both in and outside of the school community. The aim is to learn what it means to give of oneself in service to others. It is hoped that in some instances it will allow children to develop insight into the lives of others. The spirit in which this service is undertaken is as important as the service itself. 25 hours of service in school and 25 hours outside is the minimum
  2. Development of Self (Skill): This involves the establishment, or development, of an area of competency in an individual. It may be self-taught, developed through course work, or be as a result of instruction. It should result in a broadening of experience and ability, in that it culminates in an individual being empowered to do something which was not possible before e.g. learning to do something new etc.
  3. Development of Organisational Skills and Responsibility: An action needs to be initiated where the development of organisational skills and responsibility is evident. This may take the form of an outdoor experience or the arrangement of a function or event. The important factor is that the individual takes responsibility for all the organisational aspects involved and that planning is both thorough and effective.
  4. Physical Achievement, Challenge or Expedition: This involves achieving a physical objective. It is aimed at stretching an individual to achieve more, by harnessing extra effort and determination. For some this may mean selection to a provincial team, while for others it may be achieved by consistent effort in a practice situation. It may even be the completion of a hike or cycle event. The input of coaches or trainers will be important in some cases.

Our Mission

Somerset House is an independent preparatory school that strives to provide an excellent all-round education for children preparing them thoroughly for their futures.

Our Philosophy​

Somerset House is a family school and is welcoming to all. Somerset House endeavours to teach us all to live unselfishly, considering others. Non Nobis Solum. 

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We are firmly committed to recognising and developing each child’s individuality and potential.

We embrace change as a challenge and an opportunity, whilst respecting tradition.

We choose to provide a unique small school environment for a stimulating and demanding academic programme, emphasising child-centred education, deep-thinking and the development of life-long learning habits. 

We are a caring, Christian based environment, where self-esteem is nurtured, initiative is encouraged and children are able to develop self-discipline while maintaining an awareness and concern for others. 

We understand the valuable role that the arts, sport, extra-mural activities and leadership play in the development of rounded children. 

We are committed to the development and retention of top quality staff and to remaining up to date with appropriate educational and technological progress. We will allocate financial resources responsibly to ensure the delivery of world-class educational standards. 

We are committed to playing our part towards building a better South Africa. 


Somerset House is special in that it seeks to embrace a modern, dynamic, diverse and changing world while underpinned by sound values.

Somerset House is an independent school which makes its own decisions regarding curriculum and learning, while taking cognisance of national and international trends in education.

Somerset House is a disciplined environment where effort, participation and excellence are honoured.

Somerset House has a specialness and smallness which in this day and age is quite unique. The historic buildings and natural grounds are appreciated by all.

For seventy years Somerset House has remained a caring environment based on Christian values where self-esteem is nurtured, initiative is encouraged and children are able to develop self-discipline while maintaining an awareness and concern for others.