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The Catering Department at Somerset House provides the children and Staff of the school with a morning snack of sandwiches and iced tea, as well as a cooked lunch. We provide a healthy, balanced meal with options to choose from. There is always a protein, starch, vegetables or salads, as well as yoghurt or fruit. Bread and spreads are also available at snack times and at lunch. This is all included in the school fees.

All special food requirements are handled individually in consultation with the parents. We will try and assist with all special food requirements as far as practically possible. Special diets are diets for pupils with a medically diagnosed requirement, not just a dislike of certain foods or food groups. It is our policy to provide a meal for those pupils with medically diagnosed chronic conditions or food allergies, food intolerances or a medical condition which affects eating requirements. Our Catering Department understands that some people have sensitivities to certain foods that non-sufferers would find harmless. When someone has a food allergy, their immune system reacts to a food or food group(s). We recognize that severe allergies can cause life-threatening reactions and that food intolerances do not involve the immune system and are not generally life-threatening but can make the child feel poorly. We will, from time to time, require assistance from the parents in helping provide some components of the meals or snacks.

Policy on nuts:

To avoid any chance of cross-contamination at break times, children with any form of known nut allergies, which are classified as severe and/or life-threatening, are requested to:

  • Bring their own sandwiches in their own sealed containers each day.
  • Avoid eating sandwiches from the sandwich boxes made available at break times and after-school.
  • Discuss with the Catering Manager any snack of which he/she may be unsure.
  • When arriving at the dining room for meals, children are requested to sit in the nut-free zone.

This will reduce the risk of trace elements contaminating non-nut sandwiches and the chance of pupils suffering allergic reactions.

A balanced Diet:

Eliminating whole food groups or parts thereof is not healthy for growing children, which is why the lunchtime meals at Somerset House consist of a protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and/or salad and fruit, with the children being free to choose the components of their lunch as they wish. There is also brown bread and spreads available at every lunch for those who would prefer that to the lunch time meal, as well as yoghurts on Fridays. Brown bread sandwiches (made from fortified stone-ground flour) and fruit are provided during break as well as a home-made iced tea consisting of 100% fruit juice blended with rooibos tea. The children are encouraged to drink water if they are thirsty. Our meals are made from produce of the highest quality:

  • The hake / fish-fingers are endorsed by the Heart Foundation and are low in fat and high in omega fatty acids.
  • Crumbed chicken products are made from 100% chicken breast and are oven grilled.
  • Sausages, beef patties and kebabs are made on order for our school and are also oven grilled.
  • Our soups are home-made from scratch and packed with vegetables and goodness.
  • Our fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients are delivered fresh three times a week.
  • Our vegetables are steamed or roasted ensuring maximum nutrition and our sauces are made from fresh ingredients every day.
  • Lean beef mince is used for our spaghetti, lasagne and cottage pies and we include hidden vegetables like finely grated carrot, celery, leek and lots of tomatoes and onions for maximum nutrient impact.

Pre-Primary Food

The Oakwood and Prep School meal planners differ slightly due to differences in the children’s ages, different textures of the foods, as well as the “little bits” which the smaller children tend to shy away from which can be found in stews, soups etc.

Most of the left-over food is donated to community projects.

Meal planners are updated each term considering seasonal changes as well as continual feedback from Staff and children.

You are welcome to email for examples of our delicious menus!


Our Mission

Somerset House is an independent preparatory school that strives to provide an excellent all-round education for children preparing them thoroughly for their futures.

Our Philosophy​

Somerset House is a family school and is welcoming to all. Somerset House endeavours to teach us all to live unselfishly, considering others. Non Nobis Solum. 

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We are firmly committed to recognising and developing each child’s individuality and potential.

We embrace change as a challenge and an opportunity, whilst respecting tradition.

We choose to provide a unique small school environment for a stimulating and demanding academic programme, emphasising child-centred education, deep-thinking and the development of life-long learning habits. 

We are a caring, Christian based environment, where self-esteem is nurtured, initiative is encouraged and children are able to develop self-discipline while maintaining an awareness and concern for others. 

We understand the valuable role that the arts, sport, extra-mural activities and leadership play in the development of rounded children. 

We are committed to the development and retention of top quality staff and to remaining up to date with appropriate educational and technological progress. We will allocate financial resources responsibly to ensure the delivery of world-class educational standards. 

We are committed to playing our part towards building a better South Africa. 


Somerset House is special in that it seeks to embrace a modern, dynamic, diverse and changing world while underpinned by sound values.

Somerset House is an independent school which makes its own decisions regarding curriculum and learning, while taking cognisance of national and international trends in education.

Somerset House is a disciplined environment where effort, participation and excellence are honoured.

Somerset House has a specialness and smallness which in this day and age is quite unique. The historic buildings and natural grounds are appreciated by all.

For seventy years Somerset House has remained a caring environment based on Christian values where self-esteem is nurtured, initiative is encouraged and children are able to develop self-discipline while maintaining an awareness and concern for others.