Before School Care:

Staff in the Prep School will be on duty in the playgrounds from 07h30 to supervise children who arrive at school early. Pre-School children can be accommodated from 07h00 in one of the Oakwood classrooms. From 07h30 until 08h00 children are encouraged to play outside on the playground equipment to be ready to settle in for class learning. There will be a teacher on duty to supervise this play.

Pre-Primary children are able to attend aftercare in their own environment from the end of their normal school programme until 17h30. Lunch is provided during the course of the day and a snack is available in the afternoon.  Children experience time outside on the play equipment as well as being engaged in indoor activities. Please sign your child out from Aftercare when you collect them. We need to know exactly how many children are in Aftercare at any moment in time for safety reasons. Failure to sign them out will also mean that you will be charged for the full afternoon.