Peter Shaw: “Here are a few very fond memories…

  • lying on the warm paving beside the green swimming pool between races to get warm
  • Esmeralda
  • playing stingers on the bottom soccer field and lining up against the outside of the classroom wall while having a tennis ball thrown at you at what seemed like 100 miles per hour
  • Drake (what happened to Drake and Raleigh?)
  • phoning home on the little orange tiki box
  • regularly climbing into the roof of Prospect House to fix the rattling pipes by administering a well-placed blow with a broom handle.”

Claire Campbell:

 “When I was in Somerset House we had Lanner, Peregrine and Hobby as our houses. I was in Hobby – I remember what a difficult time my mother had finding a yellow T-shirt to wear for sports day! I remember the swimming pool with the big trampoline next to it, the Oakwood Pre-School down the road where my brother went and the funny Ibis birds on the field. I remember being in Standard One with Mrs. Lewin. There was an old wooden shed next to her class. One of the boys (Warren Heywood, I think) brought a magnifying glass to school, and a group of us were very naughty and daring during break – we burned our initials into the wood using the sun through the glass! I wonder if they are still there. I also remember Skeezer, the old dog who used to meander into our class and make himself comfortable. He would go to sleep and let of the most awful smells! We had such lovely times.”

Fiona Mandy Gammonley a.k.a. Mandy Kennelly, left Somerset House in 1977: “I remember….

  • Picking grass at recess and feeding the horses over the fence in the back of the school
  • Swimming lessons in the green pool, that water was COLD.
  • Hiding under the trampoline so the teacher wouldn’t find us for swimming lessons.
  • Catching chameleons in the school garden.
  • Art classes in the hot, stuffy art room.
  • Gym classes where we vaulted and somersaulted.
  • Earning our “crest/shield” from Mr. Heale from completing our quest while learning about the crusades.
  • Taking a class field trip to a beach with Mr. Heale in his blue VW bus “Esmeralda” and eating Chinese food afterwards.
  • Guy Fawkes celebrations!
  • Lots of hopscotch during playtime.
  • Trying to climb the oak trees, collecting acorns.”