Rules for Entry

      1. If you are visiting the school campus, make sure you obey all signage.
      2. Climbing over any fences or gates is prohibited.
      3. Noise disturbance will not be tolerated.
      4. Access to the swimming pool is prohibited unless prior permission has been granted by School management. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Swimming is at your own risk.
      5. All litter must be disposed of in the refuse bins provided.
      6. If walking your dog(s) all litter must be picked up and removed from the campus.
      7. Do not drive through automatic entrance gates when they are in motion.
      8. The destruction of vegetation, animal or bird life is prohibited. No firearms, weapons (including pellet and ‘BB’ guns) are allowed anywhere on the campus.
      9. Follow the instructions of the security personnel at all times.
      10. Somerset House School has the right to request anyone to leave the campus.
      11. Motor vehicles are restricted to specific roads and parking areas. The speed limit on the campus is 20km/h. Indemnity Clause
      12. Somerset House School shall not be liable for any property lost, stolen, damaged or mislaid, nor shall the School be responsible for bodily injury to, or death of, any person whilst using the Somerset House campus. The term ‘Somerset House’ shall include the Board, Headmaster, Teachers, Support Staff, Office Bearers and Agents. People entering the campus waive any right to claim compensation against Somerset House School for any claim in respect of any loss, injury or damage incurred howsoever arising and indemnify them against such claims.

The facilities of the school are an amazing asset for our school family.  We are very happy that the grounds are used by current Somerset House families on Saturdays and after hours in a responsible and safe manner. The Campus is closed on Sundays.  Parents and children who are current members of the school can gain access to the grounds by checking in with the guard on duty at the Dickens Avenue entrance.  We obviously expect that the facilities will be looked after at all times.