We employ a security company to look after our security requirements at the school. In addition to access control they also conduct patrols of our school grounds on random weekends. Any queries or comments about security can be raised with our Facilities Manager.

Our security guards are under strict instructions to book in all visitors who do not display the school sticker on their vehicles. No exceptions will be made to this instruction so, in order to minimise any inconvenience to our parents or family visiting the school, we strongly suggest that you obtain vehicle stickers from our Finance or Administrative Departments.

If you wish to use the school grounds and facilities out of hours, you will require a tag for use with the tag reader to gain entry through our gates. When conducting their random weekend patrols, our security guards are under instruction to speak to all people using our grounds and to ask for presentation of their tag. Anyone unable to produce a tag reader will be requested to leave the site immediately. These patrols have been introduced following weekend abuse of our facilities by unauthorised persons and so your co-operation with our security guards on their patrols will be highly appreciated. No access to the campus will be allowed on Sundays.

Written permission must be given by parents for children who need to leave the campus unaccompanied (e.g. to walk home). This can be e-mailed to Facilities Manager, Delf Amm (delamm@somersethouse.co.za).