Grades 1 – 7 children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Clubs at different times of the year. Clubs vary and are run by different teachers. Some of the Clubs that have been offered include: Drama, Arts and Craft, Wall Hangings, Mosaics, Crosswords, Junior Orchestra, Things that fly and float, Kite-Building, Photo Blocks, Wikki, Marimba Band, Singing, Knitting, Mazes, Sewing, Juggling, Card Games, Board Games, Gardening, Survival, Calligraphy, Dancing, Light-making, Scrapbooking, Hot Air Balloons, Takkie-Painting etc. The object is to give the children a chance to work in different groups with different teachers on an area of interest and to give children the opportunity to learn a new skill and mix with peers from different grades.