Somerset House has two very special features which bring the children of different ages together.


A Special Bond

The Grade 5 children are all given a Buddy in Grade 1.  There are many times during the year when the buddies meet up whether it be for a chat, making a card together or supporting each other in some of the Inter-House events.  A strong bond builds up between the buddies – birthdays and specials days like Mother’s Day etc. are celebrated together.

Every child is also part of a “Family”.  Each Family is led by two Grade 7s and is made up of two children from each of the Grade 6s down to the Grade 1s creating a Family of about 14. Family Lunches are held at various times during the term for the Families where they may be given a small task – for example making a branch of the Somerset House Family Tree – and they have the chance to eat together. The families also work together on the various theme days at school. The “Family” allows for children of different Grades to be together, for the Grade 7 leaders to show responsibility and for the younger children to get to know their older peers. This helps to reduce bullying and promotes healthy relationships among all children.