In Grades 6 and 7, pupils follow a project-based approach to learning. Work on authentic learning tasks provides the context for learning.  The use of their devices is an integral part of this approach.  Project-Based Learning teaches students 21st century skills as well as content. These skills include:

  • collaboration, group participation and leadership skills.
  • critical thinking and questioning skills
  • communication and presentation skills,
  • organisation and time management skills,
  • research and enquiry skills,
  • self-assessment and reflection skills
  • productivity and accountabilityThe pupils typically work together toward a common goal. Performance is assessed on an individual or group basis, and takes into account the quality of the product, the depth of content understanding demonstrated, and the contributions made to the on-going process. Assessment is varied and includes orals, PowerPoint presentations and Web 2.0 tools. At the close of each module pupils are provided with a study pack of notes from the various investigations.