Girls’ Summer Uniform:
Turquoise uniform dress
White cotton socks
Black shoes / sandals
White hat

Boys’ Summer Uniform:
Short sleeved turquoise shirt
Grey shorts and grey socks
Black shoes / sandals
White hat

Girls’  Winter Uniform:
Grey tunic
Long sleeved turquoise shirt
Long grey socks / stockings
Black shoes
SH V-necked jersey
Rain Jacket
Grey Fleecy (optional)

Boys’ Winter Uniform:
Grey shorts or long pants
Short sleeved Turquoise shirt
Long grey socks
Black shoes
SH V-necked jersey
Rain Jacket
Grey Fleecy (optional)

Sports Kit: Please read the Sports Policy Document found on our website carefully. The details regarding exactly which clothing items are required for each sport are comprehensively listed there.

School Shop: All school uniform items, except shoes, grey shorts and long pants are available from the School Shop which is located in the Administration building.

The School Shop hours are Monday to Friday 07h30 to 08h30 and Tuesday & Thursday 13h15 to 14h30.

School Bags: Grade 1 and 2 children use a Somerset House ‘Reader Bag’ available from our School Shop. There is also a Somerset House tog-bag available from the School Shop.

General Grooming Please ensure that girls’ hair is neatly tied up if worn longer than shoulder-length and that boys’ hair is kept short and neat, off the ears and the collar. Pupils may not highlight or dye their hair and no decorative jewellery is allowed. Girls may wear one plain stud or sleeper earring in the bottom of each ear. No nail polish is allowed.

Hair Policy for Boys

  1. Hair must at all times be neat.  This means that it should not bunch at the back of the head or above the ears.
  2. Hair must be clear of the collar.
  3. Hair from any part of the head may not cover any part of the ear.
  4. Hair must be above the eyebrows, even when combed forward.
  5. Shaved patterns or lines are not permitted.
  6. Sideburns may reach no longer than halfway down the ear.
  7. Hairstyles likely to cause comment or distraction are unacceptable within the School context.
  8. No colouring of hair is allowed.
  9. The decision of the school with regard to judgement on what will be allowed is final.

Important:  If the above regulations are problematic for religious or cultural reasons, the issue must be brought to the attention of the headmaster.  A discretionary decision may be made in such cases.

Please note: Children may not leave the school grounds in swimming costumes. If children dress in their school uniforms – school shoes must be worn. When children wear their uniforms in public they represent the school so we ask that they wear them with pride and respect.