The Catering Department at Somerset House provides the children and Staff of the school with a morning snack of sandwiches and iced tea as well as a cooked lunch. We provide a healthy, balanced meal with options to choose from. There is always a protein, starch, vegetables or salads as well as yoghurt or fruit. Bread and spreads are also available at snack times, at lunch, as well as after school.

All special food requirements must please be communicated to the Catering Manager in writing (and not to the class teacher). Each individual case will be handled individually in consultation with the parents. We will try and assist with all special food requirements as far as practically possible.

Eliminating whole food groups or parts thereof is not healthy for growing children which is why the lunchtime meals at Somerset House consist of a protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and/or salad and fruit, with the children being free to choose the components of their lunch as they wish. There is also brown bread and spreads available at every lunch for those who would prefer that to the lunch time meal, as well as yoghurts on Wednesdays. Brown bread sandwiches (made from fortified flours) and fruit are provided during break as well as a preservative, tartrazine and caffeine-free iced tea. Iced tea is only served at first break after which the children are encouraged to drink water if they are thirsty.

Our meals are made from produce of the highest quality:

  • Our bread and rolls contain no preservatives and are freshly baked in the early hours of the morning and are delivered to our school by 07h30.
  • The fish fingers and hake are endorsed by the Heart Foundation and are low in fat and high in omega fatty acids.
  • Crumbed chicken products are made from 100% chicken breast with no other reconstituted protein and are oven grilled.
  • Sausages, beef patties and kebabs are made on order for our school and are also oven grilled.
  • Our soups are home-made from scratch and packed with vegetables and goodness.
  • Our fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients are delivered fresh three times a week.
  • Our vegetables are steamed or roasted ensuring maximum nutrition and our sauces are made from fresh ingredients every day with no powders or flavourings.
  • Lean beef mince is used for our spaghetti, lasagne and cottage pies and we include hidden vegetables like finely grated carrot, celery, leek and lots of tomatoes and onions for maximum nutrient impact.

Oakwood Food

The Oakwood and Prep School meal planners differ slightly due to differences in the children’s ages, different textures of the foods as well as the “little bits” which the smaller children tend to shy away from which can be found in stews, soups etc.

Most of the left-over food is donated to community projects.

Meal planners are updated each term taking into account seasonal changes as well as continual feedback from Staff and children. The termly meal planners are available on the school website under School Life – Day-to-Day – Nutrition. The link to the updated meal planner is also e-mailed to all the parents at the end of each term for their convenience.

You are always welcome to discuss any food issues/special diets or concerns with the Catering Manager, Robyn Rautenbach (

Click here for the Oakwood Term 2 Menu
Click here for the Prep School Term 1 Menu