Four separate ceremonies are held at Somerset House so that appropriate acknowledgment can be given to children of different ages.


Junior Primary Awards: In this area of the school we believe that every child should be acknowledged for the achievements of the year. Some children will have excelled in the classroom while others have made a difference by being kind to peers. Some will have shown promise in music or drama while others will have shown prowess on the sports field. All children here are treated in a similar manner as far as awards are concerned. The emphasis is on each child being positively acknowledged at the culmination of the year. This ceremony will normally take place within the last two weeks of school.


Senior Primary Awards: Once a child enters the Intermediate Phase of schooling, we focus more on excellence in the allocation of awards; this has to have been demonstrated over a significant period of time to qualify. As far as academic awards are concerned, diligence and effort are rewarded as well as achievement of excellence. Excellence in the visual and performing arts, character and leadership are also acknowledged at this ceremony. Some of the character awards are regarded as the most prestigious awards to be made by the school.


Sports Awards: These awards are made at a separate Sports Awards Ceremony. The outstanding sporting achievements of children of all age groups are acknowledged here.


Falcon Shields (equivalent to school colours) are awarded to Grade 7 children who qualify in the Final Assembly of each term. Falcon Shields can be awarded for Academics, Sport, Music, Drama, Art and Service.


Founders’ Day Assembly: Falcon and Lion Awards: The presence of falcons on the coat of arms of both the Cloete and Morkel families who previously owned the school property, gave rise to the use of shields for honouring pupils. At the end of each term or on Founders’ Day, the school may award Lion and Falcon Shields to Grade 7 pupils who have earned this accolade.