Children who attend Somerset House come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We recognise that all children are different and learn at different times and in different ways. Indeed, our Mission Statement recognises differences in children’s individuality and potential. This results in a small but important number of children who either find the school environment challenging or need to be extended and enriched. The Learning Support Centre enables children’s individual needs to be addressed so that they are able to achieve their potential. Teachers or parents from any phase may ask for advice or assessment (parental agreement is always required).

Currently the following services are provided: A speech and language therapist supports children who are experiencing difficulties with articulation and non-fluent speech; the development of auditory perceptual skills; receptive and expressive language and writing skills. An occupational therapist focuses on the development of fine and gross-motor skills, motor planning, visual perception and sensory integration. Educational support in the form of reading, spelling, comprehension, mathematics and study skills is provided on both an individual and group basis.

Where it is deemed necessary, children may be referred to play therapists, counsellors or psychologists practising in the community.