The Board is responsible for determining the strategic direction and overall ethos of Somerset House. Board members are not necessarily current parents of the school. They are the custodians of the school’s mission and involve themselves in the determination of the strategy and structure of the school. They ensure that policies and plans are consistent with the school’s mission. The Board ensures that the executive management implements the strategy and operates ethically. The Board also ensures that Somerset House has adequate systems of internal and external control, both operational and financial. It is responsible for the setting of the Annual Tuition Fees. The Board selects the Headmaster, ensures succession and gives guidance on the appointment of senior staff members.

Board of Governors:

Mr Gerhard Smit (Chairman)
Mr Ron Reade-Jahn
Mrs Huibie Jones
Prof Roy Roychoudhury
Mr Mike Hodgson
Mr Jonathan Oscroft
Mrs Jo Royden-Turner
Mrs Meerushini Governder